How to Find the Top Delta 9 Gummies

What Is Delta 9?

You have heard of Delta 9 THC. You might not know that you know what Delta 9 is, but you actually do. Delta 9 THC is what is technically federally illegal. D9 is the THC strain that contains the psychoactive properties.

That is the massive way that that Delta 9 is different from CBD and Delta 8. It is the strain that has the psychoactive properties. CBD is legal in most of the US, as long as it contains 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC.

CBD is legal in almost all 50 states, only a few states don’t allow it, and a couple states do have restrictions and rules for CBD to be sold in their state. If you’re unsure of what your state’s laws on CBD are, a quick internet search can help you figure it out. That way you can know, and be sure, on what’s allowed.

How Is Delta 9 Legal?

I know I said Delta 9 THC is illegal, because it contains the psychoactive properties. I also said that CBD is only legal if it contains 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC. So, how can Delta 9 be legal? That’s a fantastic question.

There is a Farm Bill in place that allows CBD to made and produced. This is also the bill in place that states that CBD is only legal with 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC. However, this Farm Bill created a loophole, an absolute amazing little loophole.

You can actually source, and make, Delta 9 from hemp as well. Did you know that? The bill doesn’t state anything on this, so when we are talking about legal Delta 9, this is what I mean. The Delta 9 has been sourced from hemp, and still keeps within all of the legal limits. It’s truly amazing.

How Do You Find The Top Delta 9 Gummies?

Now, I’m sure your curiosity is piqued. I mean, we are talking about  LEGAL  Delta 9 gummies. That is absolutely astonishing. You want to be sure that you find the best Delta 9 gummies to purchase though. Nobody wants to waste their time, or money, on terrible products. That would absolutely suck, and nobody has time for that. I know I don’t anyways.

There are ways that can help ensure that you find the top Delta 9 gummies available to you, which is something that you’re going to want to take advantage of. Make sure you remember these tips, write them down, or whatever you need to do, that way you can be sure that you will remember.

  • How are you wanting to shop? Online or in a store?
  • Are there any brands that you have heard about?
  • Make sure you know what your state laws are regarding CBD.
  • Research the brand that you’re looking at.
  • Read all of the reviews that have been left by previous buyers.


How To Shop: In Store Or Online?

How are you wanting to shop for your Delta 9 gummies? This will make all of the difference on what you’re able to find. I say this because, you will find different brands in store vs online, I am quite sure.

I know some people would prefer to shop in store, that way they are able to see the products in person, and be sure of what they’re getting. However, you will probably have a bigger selection to choose from of Delta 9 gummies online. That’s just the honest truth.

Any Popular Brands?

Have you heard of any popular brands being talked about of Delta 9 gummies? If so, listen to what they’re saying. Your friends aren’t going to steer you wrong. You don’t recommend a terrible product, you tell them it’s crap, don’t go get it.

That’s how word of mouth goes too with Delta 9 gummies. If there’s any that you’ve heard is complete trash, avoid them. They’re obviously not the best. If there is any that people are saying is amazing, listen to them. Try it for yourself.

Be Sure You Know Your State Laws

You want to make sure that you know what your state’s laws on CBD is. Most states have CBD as legal, however there is a couple that don’t. There’s a few that have restrictions in place for CBD as well. You’re going to want to make sure that you make sure you know what your state allows.

Also, just a friendly reminder that only Delta 9 that has been sourced from hemp is legal. When you’re looking for the top Delta 9 gummies, keep this in mind. They have to sourced from hemp.

Research And Read Reviews

The last 2 on the list go together. You can do them both at the same time. You want to make sure that you research whatever brand of Delta 9 gummies that you’re looking at. This will help to be sure that they’re good.

While researching the brand of Delta 9 gummies you can read the reviews. This allows you to see what previous buyers, customers, say and think about the gummies. It gives you insight, and helps you know if the Delta 9 gummies are any good or not. This is an important part of finding the top delta 9 gummies.

The Top Delta 9 Gummies

I have done a little research myself. I think that these 4 brands that will be listed below are the top Delta 9 gummies. They are full spectrum Delta 9 gummies, which helps you know that they are sourced from hemp. They are legal for you to purchase, as long as your state allows.

  • Mr Hemp Flower
  • Ouachita Farms
  • Hometown Hero
  • Koi

These are the top 4 Delta 9 gummy brands. If you haven’t tried them already, then you definitely should.