Is Delta-8 Better Than Delta-9?

Cannabis is a complicated plant with a long list of unique characteristics. Cannabis plants consist of a wide range of cannabinoids that can have a variety of effects on the human body.

Although, it is very important that you know everything about the plant and its properties before consuming it for its therapeutic benefits.

The practice of using cannabis for recreational purposes dates back to the 1960s, with the discovery of Delta-9 THC back in the year 1964.

The Delta-9 THC is a compound of cannabis which showed a wide variety of relaxing effects on humans such as memory impairment, relaxation, elation, laughter, sedation and even increased hunger.

What Is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8  is a lesser-known cannabinoid cousin of the famous THC. The major difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC is that the Delta-9 THC is slightly less psychotropic than Delta-9 THC.

This means that the Delta-8 THC has a comparatively more uniform and hence more satisfying effect on the user.

What Makes Delta-8 THC Different?

While there are hundreds of cannabinoids to choose from, why do we get out of our way to purchase the Delta-8 THC? Well, there are many reasons as to why, the most important being the health benefits that it provides.

1. Anti-neoplastic Properties of Delta-8 THC

The use of Delta-8 THC has led to interesting outcomes over the last few years as studied and published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) journal.

 1. Oral consumption of Delta-8 THC has been known to inhibit the growth of tumour in the lungs.

 2. Delta-8 THC (50 to 400mg/kg) has been known to inhibit the primary growth of tumour to somewhere between 40 and 60%. These studies were recorded around 12 days after tumour inoculation.

 3. An increased lifespan of up to 22.6%, 24.6% and 27.2% has been recorded with mice treated with 50mg/kg, 200mg/kg and 400mg/kg respectively.

 4. Mice have even been observed to show reduced tumour size after being treated for 20 days consecutively with Delta-8 THC and CBN.

All these outcomes are well indicative of the fact that there is a definite link between the usage of Delta-8 THC and cancerous tumour reduction.

If you are a casual cannabis user you must consider these observations as concrete proof that Delta-8 THC has various health benefits and as a cannabinoid will only do your body better than bad and ultimately improve the bodily functions. 

2. An Efficient New Cannabis Based Antiemetic In The Field Of Pediatric Oncology

An extensive study of the use of Delta-8 THC in the field of paediatric oncology as an antiemetic published in “Life Sciences” stated that the compound has shown very promising outcomes.

 1. Delta-8 THC has helped prevent vomiting among patients which is a good indicator of its antiemetic properties.

 2. Around 480 people were treated with Delta-8 THC each treatment was initiated 2 hours before the antineoplastic treatment, this continued for every 6 hours throughout the day. It was observed that vomiting was completely prevented.  

Delta-8 THC was observed to effectively prevent vomiting in young cancer patients right after their respective chemotherapy treatments. Delta-8 THC has even been shown to be highly effective and useful for patients that suffer from comparatively trivial ailments.

This puts Delta-8 THC in a very positive light.

3. The National Institute Of Health About Delta-8 THC

According to the various studies and literature found in the National Institute of Health, Delta-8 THC has been linked to a wide list of qualities beneficial to human health.

 1. Despite having very less potency compared to Delta-9 THC; Delta-8 THC has been found to have stimulating properties when it comes to hunger.

 2. Delta-8 THC does not cause as much anxiety as Delta-9 THC.

 3. Delta -8 THC has been known to be twice as effective when it comes to preventing vomiting than the Delta-9 THC. Hence it has been proven to be extremely effective in reducing nausea, vomiting for people suffering from those conditions.

4. The Potency Of Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC has two thirds the potency of  Delta-9 THC, although it is very similar in the way it affects the human body.

This further proves that Delta-8 THC has a very similar effect on the human body as compared to Delta-9 THC and is instead a much calmer and lower potency alternative.

How Are Delta-8 THC Products Made?

As we all know that Delta-8 THC is derived from the cannabis plants. The best quality Delta-8 THC is produced from cannabis plants that are high in quality, grown in nutrient rich soil. The buds will be harvested, dewatered, cured and then trimmed.

Needless to say, each cannabis plant contains several cannabinoids aside from CBD, Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC.

A maker will have to carry out the processes of extraction, synthetization and isolation in order to focus on a single cannabinoid like Delta-8 THC.

Some makers choose to first break down the flower with the help of a fractional distillation process. The Delta-8 THC is then isolated by using variations in temperature and pressure during the distillation process.

The distillate which is created after this process can then be well refined, enough to be composed of as much as 99% Delta-8 THC, or even lesser if desired.

Some processors choose to use the process in order to convert CBD and CBG into bulk amounts of Delta-8 THC.

What is Isomerization? Isomerization is the process of transforming a molecule into an isomer with a completely different chemical structure with the help of various chemical processes Delta-8 THC is created from CBD.


I hope that these facts will help open your eyes to the various positive effect’s cannabinoids could potentially have in your lives. Delta-8 THC is surely a truly unique cannabinoid that has the potential to completely change your outlook towards all cannabis derived products.