What States Permit Delta 9 THC

Do You Know Delta 9?

Let’s talk about the amazing strain of THC that is Delta 9. Have you heard of it? Delta 9, also known as D9, is a THC strain that is rated grade A, top notch quality. People around the US love Delta 9, and want to get their paws on it. Do you know why?

D9 has all of the psychoactive properties inside of it. This right here is the exact thing that makes everyone want it. You get that now, I’m quite sure of it. There’s a downside to this. The very point that makes Delta 9 THC so desirable, is the same point that makes it illegal. I hate to sound like a debbie downer, but this is the truth.

Sure, some states across the US does allow for recreational and medical use of marijuana, but most do not. Just because your state allows the use of medical Mary Jane, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get access to. You have to do all sorts of flips and tricks to get approved for a medical card. You’ll have your work cut out for you, that’s promised. No snap of your fingers to make it all magically be done. You can also check out this article on The Herald for more info about this.

 Is There A Way That Delta 9 Can Be Legal?

Above I said that D9 THC is illegal, and I meant that. It still stands true, but is there a way that you can legally obtain Delta 9? Would you be surprised if I said that there was?

Let me take a moment to talk about CBD. We need to discuss it a little, because it’s the reason why things can happen. It set the ball in motion, so to speak.

Everyone is into CBD these days. It’s not marijuana though. CBD is made from hemp. It’s also legal all around the 50 states of the US. It’s quite amazing, but I know you are probably wondering what does CBD have to do with Delta 9 THC?

The Farm Bill that’s been passed that let’s CBD to be harvested and produced, has all of the rules and restrictions inside of it. This Bill declares that if CBD is considered as legal, then it can only contain up to 0.3% of Delta 9 THC, or less than that.

That’s an extremely small amount of D9 THC, I understand this. This is not what I meant when I said that there is a way that Delta 9 can be legal. The Farm Bill, keep it on your mind.

This Bill allows wonders to be worked. There is a loophole tucked away inside of the Farm Bill, if you know how to read it, and take advantage of what it does says. Thanks to said loophole it allows for Delta 9 to be legal, so long as it has been sourced from hemp. I’ll say it again for those in the back.  As long as Delta 9 is made from hemp, it is completely LEGAL!  How awesome is that?

 Where Is Hemp Derived Delta 9 Legal At?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. CBD is legal all throughout the states mostly, that is true. However, not all of the US states have it legalized, or let the legal version of Delta 9 to be sold.

You want to make certain that you keep out of trouble. We’re doing this the legal way. Absolutely nobody wants to get into any trouble, not when it’s easy to keep from doing so.

 These States Permit The Use Of The Legal Version Of Delta 9 And CBD:

  • 1. Alabama
  • 2. Arizona
  • 3. Arkansas
  • 4. Colorado
  • 5. Connecticut
  • 6. Delaware
  • 7. Florida
  • 8. Illinois
  • 9. Indiana
  • 10. Kentucky
  • 11. Louisiana
  • 12. Maine
  • 13. Maryland
  • 14. Massachusetts
  • 15. Michigan
  • 16. Missouri
  • 17. Montana
  • 18. Nebraska
  • 19. Nevada
  • 20. New Jersey
  • 21. New Mexico
  • 22. North Carolina
  • 23. North Dakota
  • 24. Ohio
  • 25. Oklahoma
  • 26. Oregon
  • 27. Pennsylvania
  • 28. Rhode Island
  • 29. South Carolina
  • 30. Tennessee
  • 31. Texas
  • 32. Utah
  • 33. Vermont
  • 34. Virginia
  • 35. West Virginia
  • 36. Wisconsin
  • 37. Wyoming

 These States Permit The Use Of Legalized Delta 9 And CBD, BUT Have Restrictions In Place:

  • 1. California
  • 2. Georgia
  • 3. Hawaii
  • 4. Minnesota
  • 5. Mississippi
  • 6. New Hampshire
  • 7. New York
  • 8. South Dakota
  • 9. Washington

These 9 states all have restrictions in place on hemp sourced Delta 9, which is the legal version of D9, and CBD. Each of these states have their own set of rules and laws in place. You will need to look up what the exact laws for your state are, if you live in one of these. It will be simple enough to do.

 These States Do NOT Permit The Use Of Legalized Delta 9 Or CBD:

  • 1. Alaska
  • 2. Idaho
  • 3. Iowa
  • 4. Kansas

I hate to be that informs you of this, but it is illegal to have hemp derived Delta 9, or even CBD inside of these 4 states on this list. It’s honestly sad, but these are the laws of these states, and you have to follow their rules.

 There Is A Brightside!

If you live in a state that doesn’t permit hemp sourced Delta 9, there are still ways possible for you. Whenever you travel to other states, it will more than likely be a friendly state. Check out and consume yourself some legal Delta 9 while there. That’s completely legal to do. Just remember that you cannot bring any home with you.